Oceans 13

One of my tasks on Oceans 13 was to design and build the screens where Oceans' crew mugshots brought up on Bank's office monitors and then manipulated until they can't be recognized.  

We shot a good portion of the crew members in a similar mugshot style so I could cut out pieces like hair, chins, noses, ears, etc... to use to create the new unrecognizable pictures. 

I decided on using a morphing technique on one part of the face at a time which provided a better visual look to the progression of the changing mugshots, but always making sure to leave the eyes so it would still feel like the original actor.  

I also was asked to create the initial design and animation for the Fender Roads video billboard.


For the diamond room graphic I decided to create as a real time 3d graphic in Adobe Director, mainly so it could be triggered to zoom in on the diamond necklaces in the case and still be able to continue rotating the camera smoothly.

I also help out in building some of the many needed casino / slot machine game graphics on the casino floor.

Posted on April 9, 2014 and filed under Film, Video Playback.