One of the biggest challenges in Surrogates was being able to build enough content to fill the 200+ screens in the FBI Surrogate Monitoring set.


The solution we came up with was that having a local production company manage a group of videographers that would go out and shoot footage that would represent the POV of surrogates and then I built multiple After Effects templates set up with expressions so that the production company could just drop in the video clip at the bottom of the timeline and then just change the Random Seed value that would then randomize all the overlay graphics to make it unique.

I also helped build the screens for the end surrogate shutdown sequence with Chris Kieffer.

With the military surrogate POVs, i also built it expression based so that we could quickly make multiple unique random versions of HUD animation.

The FBI screens needed to be interactive, so I built interactive playback files that we could trigger in time with the scene and actor performances.

Posted on May 7, 2014 and filed under Film, Video Playback.