Welcome to my portfolio and blog! I’m currently deep in the trenches working on a feature film for Sony here at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, GA. It’s been a busy 5 months and I can’t say I’ll be sad to be headed home to L.A. soon but I’ve had a thrilling time getting to work on new ways of using the Unity gaming platform to program various interactive and triggerable displays. I’m looking forward to discussing a bit of that as well as sharing some of the other knowledge, tips, and cool tech I have come across / developed in the entertainment industry.

In my 15+ years of on-set interactive computer graphics, I have had to come up with creative solutions to last minute changes and/or requests – sometimes in as little as 15 minutes before a shot.  If anything I’ve learned over the years or any of my whacky outside-the-box ideas that I post here in the coming months helps anyone even a little, then this website was all worth it. 


Posted on December 22, 2015 .